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Insulated Metal Roofing Panels: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been looking into metal roofing and the benefits it can bring to any home or business, you’ve probably heard about insulated metal panels. All metal roofs involve the installation of panels or pieces of the roofing material. The way the sections are made, however, can play a big part in the performance you get from your metal roof. Here are some specs on insulated metal roofing panels.

Green Metal Roofing, Lakeland FLThe difference between insulated and single-skin metal panels

Single-skin metal panels and insulated panels differ only in the addition of an insulating layer. The insulation adds thermal control to the panels that helps to keep air, moisture and heat outside of the home or other structure.

Any roof covering will do this job to some degree, but insulated metal panel roofs are especially effective. Air, moisture and heat are three elements that people don’t want getting into the interior of their homes. Infiltrating heat causes discomfort and more use of the AC system. Moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth. Air coming in will affect the interior air temperature at any time of year.

Single-skin metal roofing panels with specialized coatings also guard against air, moisture and heat infiltration, but not as effectively as insulated metal panels.

8 reasons insulated metal panels may be a good choice for your home or business

  •  When you have well-made insulated metal roofing installed, you can expect excellent performance with minimal maintenance for 40 or more years
  •  Insulated panels can give the building below it a longer life by preventing moisture and heat damage.
  •  Like single-skin metal panels, the insulated variety are available in a range of attractive colors and custom finishes.
  •  With their ability to block the blazing summer heat, insulated panels produce savings on utility bills.
  •  Insulated metal roofing panels hold up well in hail and intense winds.
  •  Even though you pay more for insulated panels than single-skin panels, they bring a greater overall return-on-investment across their lifespan.
  •  All styles of metal roofing require far less repair work than most other roofing materials.
  •  Because insulated panels and single-skin panels have similar installation processes, there’s not a significant difference in the labor cost or time it takes to complete the job.

dark gray roof, Fitzgerald, GA

Who should consider an insulated metal roof?

No matter where you live, an insulated metal roof will perform well for you. But for homeowners and business owners in Florida and other southern states, these roofs are especially beneficial.

Intense heat, high levels of humidity, the potential for violent wind and hail storms, and more than our share of rain are all good reasons for folks in the Sunshine State to look seriously at an insulated metal roof installation when it’s time to replace their existing roof.

If you live in the Lakeland, FL, region and want to know more about having a high-performing insulated metal roof installed, the experts at Advanced Aluminum are here to help. We design and build top-line metal roofing products preferred by leading contractors in Lakeland and surrounding communities. Call us today at (863) 648-5787.