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PermaTile Roofing

Zee’s and Cee’s / Girts and Purlins / Metal Building Panels

cees, zees, purlins, girts, red iron sectionsWe Supply Red Iron Structural Steel Components for Metal Buildings including Purlins & Girts

From the steel and aluminum custom formed metal panels, to the structural (red iron) cee’s and zee’s and even down to the fastening screws – Advanced Aluminum of Polk County is ready to provide everything you need for your agricultural, industrial, residential or commercial metal building needs. If you don’t see it here, just ask – we are glad to source items that make your job easier. Custom orders can be produced from your drawings that will provide everything needed in one delivery.

red iron steel sections for metal building constructionZee’s and Cee’s

These are the secondary framing member used to span the main frames or rafters of a metal building in the roof and walls.  Another name used in the industry is Zee Purlins which are used in the roof and Zee Girts which are used in the walls.  These are used as the point of attachment for the roof in wall panels also.  Cee sections like headers, jambs, sills, columns and base members are available as well.

Eave Struts

This is a secondary framing piece that is typically only used at the eave of a metal building to span the main frames or rafters. This is the point of attachment for the roof panels and wall panels at the eave of the building.

Base / Rake Angle

This is a secondary framing member that comes in standard sizes of 2”x4” or 3”x3” and is used as a point of attachment for panels. The Base Angle is installed around the bottom perimeter of a building and Rake Angle is installed at the top of the building only on the rake sides.                                                                                          

Metal Roofing & Siding Panel Fabricators / Aluminum and Steel Panels Custom Formed and Cut to Order

metal building panels cees and zeesR-Panel

A commercial Industrial Panel that is widely used for metal buildings thru out the industry to cover walls.


This panel is the same configuration as R-Panel with the exception of a longer leg on one side of the panel that bears down on the roof purlin. Hints the name PB for purlin bearing.  Used for roof and walls on metal buildings.

Advantage Panel (AG-Panel)

This lower profile panel is a favorite choice for builders and contractors for it’s strength and versatility at a great price point.

Permatile Metal Panels

We offer a large variety of colors and finishes along with our own custom formed mediterranean styled metal panels that look like traditional clay tiles but with much less weight, expense and upkeep. Our own Permatile product is used in many commercial and residential applications that call for beautifully designed panels that add so much to the curb appeal of any roof.

Custom Metal Trim

Metal trim pieces including drip edge, eave rake, end wall, gable, fascia, ridge cap, wall flashing, outside corner, side wall, j-channel and w-valley pieces can be added to your project order.

metal building insulation rollsAdditional Items for Metal Building Construction

Metal building components including insulation, personnel doors, window framing, closures, tapes, caulking, skylights and more are available. We can also provide all of the ancillary items and components that you may need to construct or repair metal buildings.

Self Drilling Screws – Screws used to attach metal panels to steel framing.

Lap Tek Screws – Screws used to fasten the panel side laps together. 

Oversized Screws – larger screws that are used to replace a smaller screw 

Miscellaneous Closure – Foam Closures used to fill the openings of the panels on Hip’s and Valley’s.

 Inside and Outside Closures – Foam closures used to fill the openings of the panels under the ridge and at the eave.

 Mastic – Butyl Sealant used in sidelaps, endlaps, top and bottom of closures.

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