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Steel or Aluminum

Steel roof panels industrial and home pensacola and gainesville floridaWhether you are a builder in charge of constructing a new home or a homeowner interested in upgrading your roof to a metal roofing system, deciding whether to go with steel roof panels or aluminum roof panels is a main concern.

Both steel and aluminum perform well as roofing material, but there are distinct differences and advantages of both types. Steel is a heavier material and is generally more dent resistant. It is also less expensive than aluminum. Plus, steel roofing has inherently more strength and is more fire resistant, even without an underlayment. It is an attractive roofing solution for many projects and new builds.

On the other hand, aluminum is a great choice for buildings located on a coast line or projects that will involve retrofitting a metal roof over existing shingles. Aluminum is a much lighter metal so weight would not be an issue if a homeowner or business owner wanted to upgrade their existing roofing system. Aluminum is typically more expensive but it is much more rust resistant and is good for homes or businesses. One concern that must be addressed is that salt water is corrosive to steel roofs so anyone living close to the ocean should consider aluminum over steel for this reason alone.

Both aluminum and steel are two of the most energy efficient roofing materials on the market. They both naturally reflect light and emit heat, and many steel and aluminum panels come with cool roof coatings that meet LEED and Energy Star compliancy.

Roofing contractors and home and commercial steel and aluminum panels lakeland fl and tallahassee fl builders have their own preferences when it comes to deciding whether to use steel roofing panels or aluminum roofing panels and most building owners defer to their contractors advice for the best choice in each specific use. Ultimately, the needs and dynamic of your building will dictate which roofing metal is the better option. Contact Advanced Aluminum today to find out how we can help provide you with the best aluminum or steel roofing panels for your project.

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