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PermaTile Roofing

Roll Coil Metal Embossing – Stucco – Cedar – Diamond Plate




39” Stucco Embosser
10”-37” Metal Width 010-040 Metal Thickness
16”-20” incoming/outgoing diameters
MAX 10,000lbs or 52” outside diameter


50” Stucco, Rough Cedar
& Diamond Embosser

12”-48” Metal Width 010-032 Metal Thickness
20” incoming/outgoing diameter
MAX 6,000lbs or 50” outside diameter


66” Stucco Embosser
24”-62” Metal Width 010-063 Metal Thickness
20” incoming/outgoing diameter
MAX 10,000lbs


Heavy Gauge Cut to Length Line
Gauge Offerings: up to 14Ga metal
Width Offerings: slit and cut to length
60” Width Capacity
MAX 10,000lbs or 48” outside diameter
Inside diameter must be 20”

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