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R-Panel / PBR Panel Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofs are both stunning and long lasting. Metal roofing panels come in a variety of materials and styles. Two of the most common panel types are R-Panels & PBR-Panels. As you can see from the profile detail the only difference is the 1/4 overlap on one side of the panel for added strength. These panels are primarily used in commercial and industrial metal roof and siding applications.

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R-Panel and PBR Panel Metal Roof Material

R-Panel metal roofing panels offer outstanding durability and high wind resistance compared to traditional roofing material. Not only are these metal roofing panels long lasting, they are very low maintenance. R-Panels are high-profile, wind & fire resistant, energy efficient, and provide greater life expectancy than most roofing materials. Contractors and developers choose R-panel for many commercial and industrial projects. R-Panels come in a range of designer colors to complement your current home and provide a sleek, attractive appearance.

PBR-Panels offer the same robust, long-lasting metal roofing panels that can be used for many purposes. The exposed fastening system and purlin bearing leg between panels give the PBR metal roofing version its superior strength. These versatile metal roofing panels are suited for both open framing and solid substrate. Used primarily in commercial and industrial projects, PBR panels provide the strength and longevity needed for heavy duty use.

Our metal roofing experts can help determine the best choice of panels for your metal roof projects. Contact Advanced Aluminum today. 

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