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PermaTile Roofing

Permatile Installation & Testing Documents

Installation Details

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Permatile Installation Manual

Installation Manual (may take a moment to load)

Trim Details:

Standard Trim Overview
Standard 5 Break Ridge Cap
W-Valley Detail
Standard Gable Trim
Standard Sidewall Trim
Standard Endwall Trim
Standard Drip Edge
Standard 5 Break Hip Cap

Optional Trim:

5 Break Ridge Cap with Venting
Permatile Gable Trim with Special Pan Detail
Standard Sidewall Trim Detail with Pan

Permatile Information Papers:

Ordering Process for Permatile
Permatile Panel Profile
Permatile Screw Fastening Detail
Permatile – For Best Results
Plywood and Batten Layout
How To Measure Your Roof For Permatile
Straight Run Layout

Our Products are Florida Product Approved as well as HVHZ Zone Approved
This method is approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

All of the roofing panels that Advanced Aluminum produces have had extensive testing to ensure that they will stand up to almost any kind of weather. The Advantage Panel and Permatile Roofing Panels have state required Florida Product Approval and are certified for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). Some of the most stringent requirements have to be met for HVHZ approval, such as wind blown rain intrusion test and wind uplift. Both panel types have been tested for wind speeds up to 180 m.p.h. and are approved for use in strict counties like Miami / Dade. Rest assured that the most important part of your house will be safe and secure no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

Permatile Metal Roofing Color Chart

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