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Are Metal Roofs Safer in Hurricanes?

Hurricane IRMA may have left your roof in bad shape. Perhaps you are considering a Wind Resistant Metal Roof now instead of replacing your shingle roof. A quick survey of the metal roofing that Advanced Aluminum of Polk County has provided shows that they have weathered the storm with little or no damage. Maybe you should a New Metal Roof too! 

Within 50 miles of Lakeland, We will send out a factory representative to measure your roof to give you an exact material cost quote for a New Metal Roof for just $100. The cost of this accurate estimate is only $100, and if you buy your roof from us - the $100 estimating fee is applied to your project cost. It's time to switch to a Strong Metal Roof!

metal roof hurricane replace shingle roof
strong metal roofs for hurricane season Florida and georgiaHurricanes and heavy storms are an inevitable part of living in the lower coastal areas of the Southeast US. Hurricane season
lasts for many months, spanning most of summer into late fall. Protecting your home and business is crucial to preventing significant and devastating damage. While some opinions vary widely regarding the best roofing material for hurricane protection, there is no doubt that metal roofing systems are among the strongest & most resistant roofing material available.

Your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas on your home or place of business. In fact, roof damage accounts for the most insurance claims not related to storm surges during a hurricane. When a roof is damaged in a hurricane or severe storm, the rest of your structure will become vulnerable to wind, water, and other damage from facing the elements unprotected.

Metal roofing is extremely resilient and can handle hail, wind, fire, and freeze/thaw cycles without losing durability. When installed correctly, a metal roofing system will resist winds up to 115 mph and higher. The design and construction of metal roofs provide unique, unmatched strength and security and the durability of these roofing systems enables the metal panels to withstand abuse from high winds and hail.

hurricane ready metal roofs in tallahassee and pensacola floridaMetal roofs are constructed with fewer seams which means there are fewer entry points for water to seep into, which may damage attics, ceilings, or walls. Even when subjected to storms and hurricanes year after year, a metal roof can last up to 40 years before needing to be replaced or repaired. This is more than double the lifespan of a traditional asphalt or shingle roof. Many metal roofs carry a 40 year warranty.

Having your roofing system upgraded to a sturdy, durable metal roof is the first step at preventing damage to your entire home during hurricane season in coastal areas. To ensure that your new metal roof is installed correctly and will offer you superior protection, contact our metal roofing experts. We can help you save time, money, and heartache and prevent damage & safety hazards. 

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