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Metal Roofing Tallahassee FL

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Advanced Aluminum offers the best metal roofing fabrication services in Tallahassee FL and the surrounding areas. Our metal roofing experts serve residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. If you reside in the Tallahassee FL area, including Ochlockonee, Woodville, Bradfordville, Centerville, or Capitola FL, contact Advanced Aluminum to discuss a customized metal roof package that will meet your needs.

Home Imitation Tile Metal Roofing - Metal Tile Roofing - Permatile Metal Roofing Tallahassee FloridaLooking for a complete metal roofing package for your residential or commercial project in Tallahassee FL? Advanced Aluminum provides a range of top quality metal roofing panels, including R-Panels, PBR-Panels, Rib Panels, AG / Advantage Panels, High Rib Panels, Permatile Panels, plus metal trim & siding pieces. Our goal is to exceed your expectation every time and our metal roofing fabricators will work closely with you to create a custom metal roofing solution that will keep your home or business dry, safe, and protected. 

Tallahassee FL & Metal Roofing Benefits

With a proven life expectancy of 25 to 40 years or more, high energy efficiency, and top tier wind resistance, there are no other products in the roofing industry that match the benefits of a metal roof, especially here in Tallahassee FL. A properly installed metal roof is energy efficient as well. Metal roofs are great at insulating buildings to keep your area cool in the summer and warm in the winter which helps lower utility bills.  Available in a wide range of color choices to complement your building, our metal roofs have a Cool Roof Rating and reflect heat and light instead of absorbing it to keep the building cool.  This type of roofing system is also eco-friendly since most panels are made with recycled material and won’t need to be replaced as often as shingle or composite roofs. This means less trash to send to the landfill. Plus, metal roofs are virtually maintenance free!

Metal Roofing Panel Types Tallahassee FL

A metal roof can come in a range of panel types and the panel style you choose will be determined by your project specifications. The metal roofing experts of Advanced Aluminum in Tallahassee FL can help you determine the best style for your project, but to start, here are some of the best metal panels we offer:  

Home Metal Roof, Metal Roofing - Metal Roof Panels - Metal Roofing Panels in Tallahassee Florida · R and PBR Panels - These strong panels are generally more popular for commercial and agricultural applications with their deep profile. The PBR panel version is designed with an exposed fastening system and purlin bearing legs between panels to give added strength.  Available in Steel or Aluminum.

· Advantage Panels – Often used on residential and agricultural buildings, these panels are durable and weather-resistant.  Advantage (AG) panels are resilient to storms and extreme weather conditions and have outstanding roof life. These panels are low rib which provides a sleek look for homes and agricultural buildings. They are a cost effective metal roofing solution, with low maintenance costs and are highly effective in inclement weather. Advantage panels are low maintenance and lightweight, and sometimes can be installed directly over your current roofing system. Available in Steel or Aluminum.

· Permatile Panels – Our very own metal roofing tile production, Permatile, is created to look like Mediterranean Tile.  Incredibly beautiful and light in weight, Permatile panels are resistant to inclement weather and meets standard Cool Color requirements with quick and easy installation.  These popular metal panels are highly resistant to mold and mildew. Available in Steel or Aluminum.

Metal Roof Trim

A complete metal roofing system would not be complete without the metal trim pieces that finish the look of your roof. Roofing or siding projects may require several types of trim made to custom specifications using our 14’ and 20’ folders. Common metal trim pieces include drip edge, eave rake, end wall, gable, fascia, ridge cap, wall flashing, outside corner, side wall, j-channel and w-valley pieces.

Advanced Aluminum is Tallahassee FL’s expert on the fabrication of customized metal roofs.  We will meet our deadlines to provide the highest quality metal roofing projects and keep you covered throughout the year and for many years to come. Contact our team today.

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