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Commercial Roll Forming Metal Roofing Manufacturer - Metal Panel Embossing in Savannah Georgia



Advanced Aluminum is the metal roofing experts of Savannah GA and the Southeastern US. We fabricate top quality metal roofing panels and all necessary trim components for commercial, residential, or agricultural projects. Our metal roofing professionals are proud to offer the highest quality products and the most personalized service in the industry. Residents and commercial clients in Savannah GA, Garden City, Pooler, Meldrim, Keller, Richmond Hill, Thunderbolt, Isle of Hope, Skidaway Island, and Bloomingdale GA can contact our industry experts today. 

Savannah Georgia Home Metal Roof, Metal Roofing - Metal Roof Panels - Metal Roofing PanelsRoofing contractors, farmers , developers, and homeowners in Savannah GA trust in Advanced Aluminum for the best quality metal roofing materials that include R-Panels, PBR-Panels, Rib Panels, AG / Advantage Panels, High Rib Panels, Permatile Panels, plus metal trim & siding pieces. Advanced Aluminum is able to beat the turn-around time of custom orders of other metal roofing producers thanks to our large factory space and huge inventory of roll coil materials. 

Metal Roofing Benefits in Savannah GA

One of the main benefits of a metal roof in Augusta GA is the long service life and resilience it offers. The metal roofing panels we offer are a strong match for extreme weather conditions, which is especially important in the Southeast US. Metal roofs are considered to be a premium roofing system which will not only add value to your home but will help you save on energy costs and maintenance costs throughout the service life of your roof. While traditional shingle roofs require re-roofing or replacement every 12 to 20 years, a metal roof can have a service life of 25 to 40 years or more, making metal roofing the fastest growing segment of home improvement.

Metal Roofing Panels for Savannah GA

While metal roofing panels come in a variety of types, the panel style you choose will be determined by your project specifications. Our professional fabricators can help you determine which would best suit your metal roofing needs. Here is a look at some of the metal panel types we offer:

Savannah Georgia Residental Aluminum Metal Roofing - Steel Metal Roofing· R and PBR Panels – This style of roofing panel provides incredible durability and high wind resistance compared to traditional roofing material. R Panels are a great choice for commercial or industrial applications.

Panels are robust, long-lasting metal roofing panels that are suited for both open framing or solid substrate. The exposed fastening system and purlin bearing leg between panels give PBR metal roofing superior strength.  R Panels and PBR Panels are available in steel and aluminum depending on the specs of your project.

· Advantage Panels – AG panels provide high weather resistance and can extend roof life. Both residential and commercial or agricultural projects can benefit from the addition of an Advantage Panel roof system. These panels are low rib which provides a sleek look for homes and agricultural buildings. Advantage are low maintenance and lightweight. This type of metal roofing sometimes can be installed right over existing shingles. AG or Advantage Panels are a very economical metal roofing solution, and are available in steel or aluminum.

· Permatile Panels – These metal roofing panels are our very own design and production. These panels are aesthetically pleasing, created to resemble Mediterranean tiles while maintaining the strengths of metal roofing. Permatile roofing panels are lightweight & durable and are quick and easy to install. Available in steel or aluminum, these roofing panels meet standard Cool Color requirements and offer excellent insulation abilities.

Metal Roof Trim

Both commercial and residential roofing jobs will require custom trim pieces and Advanced Aluminum can deliver complete roofing systems that come with drip edge, eave rake, end wall, gable, fascia, ridge cap, wall flashing, outside corner, side wall, j-channel and w-valley pieces. We have 14’ and 20’ folders that help us complete the job quickly so orders can be completed quickly to meet tight deadlines.  

Our team of metal roofing fabricators is ready to help you choose the best metal roofing system for your home, business, or farm. Advanced Aluminum is the industry experts on the fabrication of customized metal roofs for Savannah GA.

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