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Metal Roofing Melbourne FL

buy metal roof in melbourne fl for new home or commercial building



Advanced Aluminum provides complete metal roofing systems of the highest quality for agricultural, commercial, and residential roofing projects in Melbourne FL. We offer R-Panels, PBR-Panels, Advantage Panels, Permatile Roofing Panels, and a full variety of custom trim pieces that will perfectly complete your metal roofing projects. Homeowners, farmers, roofing contractors, and roofing material distributors can all count on Advanced Aluminum for complete metal roofing systems in Melbourne FL.

Melbourne Florida Home Metal Siding for Building - Metal Siding Panels - Corrugated Metal SidingThe metal roofing experts of Advanced Aluminum had decades of experience fabricating a range of top quality metal roof systems. Our team works hard to ensure each custom order is completed accurately and in a timely manner. With nearly 130,000 sq. ft. of fabrication floor and a huge ready-to-go inventory of roll coil materials, Advanced Aluminum is able to beat the turn-around time of custom orders of other metal roofing producers.

The Benefits of Metal Roofs - Melbourne FL

Metal roofs have risen in popularity over the past few decades thanks to their long service life and resiliency to extreme weather conditions. With a proven performance expectancy of 25 to 40 years or more, high energy efficiency, and top tier wind resistance, there are no other products in the roofing industry that come close to the benefits that a metal roof can offer. Beyond just being strong and durable, metal roofing systems are aesthetically pleasing. Our Permatile metal panels are designed to replicate the look of Mediterranean tile. Homeowners are often surprised to find out that metal roofs are excellent insulators and will keep your home comfortable year-round. Our metal roofs have a Cool Roof Rating and reflect heat and light instead of absorbing it to keep the building cool.  Plus, metal roofing systems are extremely low-maintenance.

Types of Metal Roofing Panels for Melbourne FL Homes & Businesses

Don’t let the decision of choosing metal roofing panel types overwhelm you. While panels come in a variety of types, our experts can help you determine which would best suit your project’s specifications. Here is a look at some of the metal panel types we offer:

·  R and PBR Panels – More commonly found on commercial and agricultural buildings, R-Panels & PBR Panels are strong roofing panels that provide high-strength for heavy duty uses.  These two types of panels are available in Steel or Aluminum.

·  Advantage Panels – These panels are durable and weather-resistant, often finding their places in residential and agricultural applications.  Advantage are low maintenance and lightweight. This type of metal roofing may be able to be installed right over existing shingles, making it an economical solution saving costs on time, installation, and disposal. Available in steel and aluminum, AG panels are the perfect, cost-effective roofing solution for Melbourne FL buildings.

Melbourne Florida Commercial Metal Roof, Metal Roofing - Metal Roof Panels - Metal Roofing Panels·  Permatile Panels – These metal roofing panels are our very own design and production. These panels are aesthetically pleasing, created to resemble Mediterranean tiles while maintaining the strengths of metal roofing.   Roofs made with Permatile panels are resistant to inclement weather and meets standard Cool Color requirements with quick and easy installation. In addition, Permatile has low energy consumption, and each panel is fastened with EPDM washers to keep the roof waterproof and keep away mold and mildew. Available in Steel or Aluminum. 

Metal Roof Trim

Almost every roofing job will require custom trim pieces and Advanced Aluminum can deliver. Our complete metal roof system packages come with every type of trim you will need to finish your metal roofing system. Each piece is fabricated to meet the distinct specifications of each project. Metal roofing trim pieces typically include drip edge, eave rake, end wall, gable, fascia, ridge cap, wall flashing, outside corner, side wall, j-channel and w-valley pieces.

Our team of metal roofing fabricators is ready to help you choose the  best metal roofing system for your building, whether that’s agricultural, commercial or residential in nature.  We are the experts on the fabrication of customized metal roofs in Melbourne FL and are happy to provide our clients with top-quality metal roofing materials that will keep you protected for decades to come. 

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