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Metal Roofing Macon GA

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Advanced Aluminum has been the most trusted metal roofing fabricator for Macon GA and the surrounding areas. Our metal roofing experts fabricate top quality metal roofing panels for commercial, residential, or agricultural projects. We offer everything from Advantage/ AG Panels, to our very own Permatile Roofing panels, PBR or R-Panels, along with metal trim and siding to perfectly complete your project.  If your home, business, or agricultural building is in Macon GA, contact our metal roofing experts today.

Macon Georgia Barn Metal Roofing Supplier - Corrugated Metal Roofing - Ribbed Metal Roof PanelsIf you reside in Macon GA or the surrounding communities or Wesleyan Hills, West Oak, Angels Acres, Rutland, Dry Branch, Grisoldville, or Huber GA, trust in Advanced Aluminum for the best quality metal roofing panels that will keep your home or business cool, dry, and safe. Once we have the specifications for your project, we will put together the whole package of metal panels, trim, and fasteners in less time than any other metal fabrication company. 

The Benefits of Metal Roofing for Macon GA

The fastest growing segment of home improvement in the Southeast US is metal roofing. A metal roof system provides a range of benefits of metal roofing panels that all outweigh the performance of traditional shingles, especially in Macon Georgia. With a proven performance expectancy of 25 to 40 years or more, high energy efficiency, and top tier wind resistance, there are no other traditional roofing products that come close to the benefits of metal roofing. Besides being great for curb appeal and providing long lasting protection, metal roofing systems are also sustainable & environmentally friendly, and they can help reduce heating and cooling bills thanks to their innovative insulating design. Metal roofs are also popular because they are extremely low maintenance.

Types of Metal Roofing Systems - Macon GA

Are you trying to figure out what type of metal roofing is right for you? The metal roofing professionals of Advanced Aluminum of Macon GA are happy to help find the right roof for you. We have listed a few of our favorites below:

Macon Georgia Industrial - Agricultural - Metal Roof, Metal Roofing - Metal Roof Panels - Metal Roofing Panels·  R and PBR Panels – These Panels are more commonly are typically found in commercial situations since they are extremely strong and durable.  PBR panels include an overlapping section and mey to be used by sidewalls and metal roofing panels. R Panels and PBR Panels are available in steel and aluminum depending on the specs of your project.

·  Advantage Panels – Advantage panels are low rib and offer a sleek look for homes and agricultural building. Chosen as a more economical metal roofing solution, AG panels are very durable and many times can even be added on top of and existing shingle roof. AG panels come in steel or aluminum variety.

·  Permatile Panels – Designed to look like Mediterranean Tile, Permatile roofing panels give you the incredible attractiveness of a tile roof with all of the advantages of metal. Permatile Panel roofing is lightweight & durable. Less than 1/10th the weight of traditional concrete tiles and 1/3rd the weight of asphalt shingles, Permatile is quick and easy to install and is available in Steel or Aluminum.

Metal Roof Trim

We offer complete metal roofing kits which include all of the necessary custom trim pieces to finish your project. The team at Advanced Aluminum can fabricate a range of metal roofing trim that includes drip edge, eave rake, end wall, gable, fascia, ridge cap, wall flashing, outside corner, side wall, j-channel and w-valley pieces. We have 14’ and 20’ folders that help us complete the job quickly so you’ll have everything you need to install the entire metal roofing system.

Advanced Aluminum is ready to help you get the best, highest quality metal roof for your home or business. We work with roofing material distributors, roofing contractors, homeowners, farmers and developers in Macon GA and the surrounding towns and communities. 

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