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 Advanced Aluminum is proud to serve Jacksonville FL by providing the best metal roofing fabrication services in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Our metal roofing experts serve residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. If you reside nearby Jacksonville FL in Arlington, Atlantic Beach, San Marco, or Oceanway, give our metal roofing experts a call. We’d love to talk about how we can help you choose the best roof for your building. Advanced Aluminum offers many different types of metal roofing panels, from trim and sliding, Advantage, Permatile Roofing, PBR, or R-Panels, to keep you covered.  

Hotel Metal Roofing Supplier - Corrugated Metal Roofing - Ribbed Metal Roof Panels Jacksonville Florida

Our highest-quality metal roofing systems and installation materials keep your home or business safe, cool, and dry all year round.  We offer industry-best materials that will exceed your expectations every time.  Our metal roofing experts help create custom metal roof solutions that will provide the best benefits for your commercial or residential roofing project. 

Metal Roofing Benefits in Jacksonville FL

Metal roofing is incredibly beneficial to residential and commercial buildings in Jacksonville FL.  Metal roofing adds to existing curb appeal, upgrading any building’s look.  Metal roofing lasts 2-3 times longer than most brands of residential and commercial shingles, adding years to its life. Metal roofs resist high winds, and do not decay like most organic shingles.  They are energy efficient, insulating buildings and lower utility bills.  No matter what color roof you choose, our metal roofs have a Cool Roof Rating and reflect heat and light instead of absorbing it to keep the building cool.  These make our metal roofs environmentally friendly, as our metal roofs use recycled steel and last for decades and do not have the harmful environmental by-products of shingles.  Metal roofing provides excellent value over many years and is almost maintenance free.

Types of Metal Roofing Panels for Jacksonville FL

Have you ever wanted to know what type of metal roofing is right for you?   Our metal roofing professionals in Jacksonville FL are happy to look at your home or business and help find the right roof for you, and we have listed a few of the best ones below:

Jacksonville Florida Industrial Metal Roofing Supplier - Corrugated Metal Roofing - Ribbed Metal Roof Panels· R and PBR Panels – These Panels are more commonly used in commercial buildings.  These are a stronger type of metal roofing. Available in Steel or Aluminum.

· Advantage Panels – Often used on residential and agricultural buildings, these panels are durable and weather-resistant.  They are a cost effective metal roofing solution, with low maintenance costs and are highly effective in inclement weather. Available in Steel or Aluminum.

· Permatile Panels – These metal roofing panels are aesthetically pleasing, created to resemble Mediterranean tiles while maintaining the durability that is a hallmark of metal roofing.  Incredibly beautiful and light in weight, Permatile panels are resistant to inclement weather and meets standard Cool Color requirements with quick and easy installation.  Not only are Permatile panels visually pleasing & economical, they are designed to keep the roof waterproof and are highly resistant to mold and mildew. Available in Steel or Aluminum.

Metal Roof Trim

Our complete metal roof system packages also come with all necessary trim pieces to complete your project. Roofing or siding projects may require several types of trim made to custom specifications using our 14’ and 20’ folders. Common metal trim pieces include drip edge, eave rake, end wall, gable, fascia, ridge cap, wall flashing, outside corner, side wall, j-channel and w-valley pieces.

Advanced Aluminum is ready to help you choose the right type of metal roofing for your Jacksonville FL home or business.  Our metal roofing professionals will meet with you to choose the right roof for you, and we are one of Jacksonville’s experts on the fabrication of customized metal roofs.  We will meet our deadlines to provide the highest quality metal roofing projects and keep you covered throughout the year and for many years to come.

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