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Metal Roofing Augusta GA

augusta ga commerical metal roofing and siding panels



Advanced Aluminum supplies metal roofing and siding panels for commercial, residential, or agricultural projects in Augusta GA and the surrounding areas in GA and FL. Do you live nearby Augusta GA in Evans, Grovetown, Harlem, Blythe, Hephzibah, Beech Island, Jackson, or Waynesboro GA?  Contact us today so we can discuss your metal roofing projects. 

Gainesville Florida Home and Barn Aluminum Metal Roofing - Steel Metal RoofingWhether you are a roofing contractor, a farmer, a developer, a roofing material distributor or a local homeowner, Advanced Aluminum provides top quality metal roofing materials that include R-Panels, PBR-Panels, Rib Panels, AG / Advantage Panels, High Rib Panels, Permatile Panels, plus all of the trim components you will need to complete your project. Give our professional metal roofing experts your project specs and we will pull together your complete package of steel or aluminum roofing panels faster than most competitors. 

Metal Roofing Benefits Augusta GA

Metal roofing is incredibly beneficial to residential, agricultural, and commercial buildings in Augusta GA. Since metal roofing is growing in popularity year after year, it pays to know the benefits that a metal roofing system can offer.  Metal roofing lasts two to three times longer than most brands of residential and commercial shingles, giving it an extremely long service life.  Metal roofs resist high winds and extreme weather conditions better and will not decay like most organic shingles.  They are energy efficient, insulating buildings and lower utility bills.  The metal roofing systems that Advanced Aluminum offers all have a Cool Roof Rating that will reflect heat and light instead of absorbing which means buildings will remain cooler in hot GA summers. Plus, metal roofing systems are extremely low-maintenance.

Metal Roofing Panel Types Augusta GA

When deciding on a metal roofing system, you will need to determine what type of panels you want.  Our metal roofing experts in Augusta GA can discuss the benefits and advantages of each type to help you decide, but here are a few of our favorite:

Augusta Georgia Barn Roll Forming Metal Roofing Manufacturer - Metal Panel Embossing·  R and PBR Panels – R-Panel metal roofing panels offer outstanding durability and high wind resistance compared to traditional roofing material. 

PBR Panels are sturdy and long-lasting and are often the go-to choice for commercial and agricultural buildings. These versatile metal roofing panels are suited for both open framing AND solid substrate.  R Panels and PBR Panels are available in steel and aluminum depending on the specs of your project.

·  Advantage Panels – AG panels are low rib which provides a sleek look for homes and agricultural buildings. AG or Advantage Panels are a very economical metal roofing solution, and can be used in open frame projects. The affordable price tag and ease of installation is the main reason contractors & homeowners choose AG panels for their metal roofing systems. Many times they can be installed directly over your current shingle roof thanks to the lightweight design.

·  Permatile Panels – Our very own metal roofing tile production, Permatile, is created to look like Mediterranean Tile. Permatile roofing panels give you the incredible attractiveness of a tile roof with all of the sturdiness and longevity of a metal roofing system. Permatile Panel roofing is lightweight & durable band is quick and easy to install. Comes in Steel or Aluminum.

Metal Roof Trim

Advanced Aluminum provides clients in Augusta GA with complete metal roofing kits that contain all of the necessary custom trim pieces to finish your project. Our metal roofing experts will fabricate the custom roofing trim components needed for your job that includes drip edge, eave rake, end wall, gable, fascia, ridge cap, wall flashing, outside corner, side wall, j-channel and w-valley pieces. We have 14’ and 20’ folders that help us complete the job quickly so you’ll have everything you need to install the entire metal roofing system.

Advanced Aluminum is ready to help you get the best, highest quality metal roof for your home or business. We work with roofing material distributors, roofing contractors, homeowners, farmers and real estate developers in Augusta GA and all of Richmond County.  

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