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PermaTile Roofing

Mediterranean Style Metal Tile Roof

These Permatile roofs have been used on homes, hotels, commercial and retail buildings. The architectural relief looks very much like a classic Mediterranean tile without the tremendous weight of real clay. Plus, Permatile is HVHZ Hurricane Zone approved. Homeowners and commercial clients can get the look of tile with all of the advantages and strength of metal.

permatile metal roofing panels

Permatile Metal Roofing Color Chart

imitation metal tile roofing material

Ceramic and clay tile roofs look stunning but have a number of drawbacks. Tile roofs are extremely heavy and will require additional costly structural support during reroofing projects. Plus, tiles are also some of the most fragile and labor intensive roof materials to install. Breakage during shipping and installation can add unexpected expenses to your budget since tiles are often an expensive material to work with.

The need for a beautiful yet durable & economical roofing tile substitute led us to create our Permatile brand. Permatile roofing is an attractive, long run, lightweight and long-lasting metal tile system. It is ideally suited for various applications and all weather conditions. Very specialized roll-forming machines are able to produce a replicated tile roofing panel that gives an amazing deep relief look to any roof.

green metal roof imitation tile metal panels

Our imitation tile roofing meets Cool Color requirements and can lower energy consumption by 40%. The durable, 26 gauge steel panels are manufactured to withstand severe weather conditions and high winds up to 150 mph. Plus, mold and mildew are essentially eliminated since the metal roofing panels do not retain water like concrete tile or asphalt shingles.

Available in a wide variety of colors, choose Permatile roofing to upgrade the look and curb appeal of your home while getting the strength, durability, and longevity of a metal roofing system. Contact our metal roofing experts today.  

• Coverage width of 28" and lengths are custom cut to your specifications
• Unique tile design has the classy look of tile and the strength of steel
• Panels are available in several different colors to best suit your home
• Meets all Florida Building Code standards including HVHZ Zones
• 35 year warranty on the Akzo Nobel Trinar® Cool Color paint system
• Paint system is Energy Star efficient to keep enrgy bills low
• Considered a green roof since it is 100% recyclable

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