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Your Guide for Metal Roof Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your metal roof, one of the primary maintenance elements is built right into the roofing material: metal. Metal is strong and durable and will withstand all kinds of weather and seismic events that other roofs eventually will crumble under.

Still, there are a few thin s that you as a homeowner can do to further preserve the life and luster of your metal roof. Here are some guidelines.

Cleaning Metal Roofs

The primary maintenance job for a metal roof is keeping it clean. When regularly cleaned, metal roofing materials will give you top performance for 40 or 50 or more years.


But if leaves, branch pieces, dirt and other debris sit for long periods on the roof, the metal can start to suffer damage.

Most surfaces including wood, clay, asphalt shingles and yes, metal, will begin to erode in dark, damp conditions that prevent air flow. Those conditions are brought about when large amounts of dust, tree debris and sludge from rain runoff are allowed to remain on the roof’s surface for extended periods.

Mold and mildew, in particular, thrive in damp areas where there’s little or no ventilation. Dampness also leads to rusting. Even when a metal roof is properly coated in the factory, wetness and debris can finally begin to eat through the coating and cause harm to the roofing material. Rust, mold and erosion also will mar the beautiful appearance of your metal roof.

How to clean your metal roof

Fortunately, keeping a metal roof clean isn’t difficult, as long as you perform the job regularly. Typically, every year or 18 months is sufficient, but ask your roofing contractor about the ideal schedule based on the region where you live, the climate in the region and the amount of debris that generally falls or builds up on your roof.

Basic metal roof cleaning should involve a pressure wash system, not just a hose with a sprayer. The machine should be set on medium (not the highest spray velocity) and the ideal cleaning solution is a TSP/water mixture with a ratio of a half cup per gallon.

In between more thorough cleanings, you can always use a hose or leaf blower to remove small buildups from the roof.

Metal Roof Installation in Atlanta, GA Safety on the roof

Keep in mind that metal, especially when wet, is a lot more slippery than standard asphalt shingles. You should only get up on your roof and walk around on it during cleaning if you’re experienced in the process. There are roof maintenance services that specialize in this kind of work, so you should consider turning the job over to one of them.

Because of the varieties in metal roof styles and the differences in regional climates and other factors, your roofing contractor or the roof material manufacturer is your best source to learn specifically how to maintain your metal roof for peak performance.

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