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What it Means to “Go Green” with a Metal Roof

Metal roofing in Tampa FLYour home’s roof is one of its most expensive – and important – features.  When contemplating a new roof, many homeowners today think not only about cost and value but also about how their new roof will contribute to, or detract from, the effort to clean up the environment for us and the generations to come.

If this is how you’re thinking, maybe it’s time to think about a metal roof.

Metal roofs are renewable in the fullest sense

We hear a lot about “renewable” today.  Renewable this and renewable that.  Well, where roofing is concerned, you can’t get any more renewable than metal.  The metal in your new roof will have been recycled from other applications.  Then way down the line when it’s time to replace your metal roof (a time you very possibly won’t live to see, but just saying . . .), it will again be recycled for use in another roof or in other ways.

The very nature of metal makes it perfect for use over and over again.  Compare that with traditional asphalt shingles.  Not only do shingles wear out long before metal roofing, but once they’re done, what are you going to do with them?  Too often the answer is take them to the landfill to join much of the 10-plus million tons of asphalt-shingle waste in the U.S. each year.

Going green with metal roofing is just the start

Along with a significant benefit to our environment, recyclable metal roofing materials bring you, the homeowner, many of your own benefits.

1. Metal roofing is strong:

Bring on the thunder and lightning and hail, because metal roofs can withstand it all.  Gale-force winds?  Good luck destroying a properly installed metal roof with a little wind.

permatile roofing in Orlando FL

2. Metal roofing lasts:

Earlier we implied that you may not live to see the day when your metal roof needs replacing.  That’s because it’s not uncommon for these roofs to last 40-60 years or more – and with minimal maintenance along the way.

3. Metal roofing reflects heat:

When searing summer heat pours down on an asphalt shingle roof, the roof absorbs all that heat like an electric blanket.  When the sun hits a coated metal roof, its rays and heat are reflected away from the roof.  The result is a cooler home and less money spent cooling it.

4. Metal roofing looks fantastic:

Today’s metal roofing materials come in a wide range of colors, styles and textures to beautifully accent any home.  We’re not talking old, gray metal sheets like you find on a barn.  We’re talking handsome roof treatments that look spectacular for decades and positively affect the value of a home.

Maybe you should consider a new metal roof for your next roof replacement.  If you’d like to know more about the benefits, cost and installation process of metal roofing, contact the experts, Advanced Aluminum of Lakeland, FL.  We produce exceptional metal roofing products used by leading contractors throughout our region.  Get your questions answered by calling (863) 648-5787.