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The Financial Impact of a New Metal Roof

Any kind of new roof is a large investment. Well, “payout” might be a better term than “investment” for most roofing styles, because most roofs don’t give you, the homeowner, much of a return on your investment. Metal roofing, however, is a completely different scenario.

When your home is re-roofed with metal roofing materials, you’re looking at a true investment: you pay for the roof, then the roof pays you. Here are some of the major positive financial impacts that come with a metal roof.

Utility bill savings

metal roofingContrary to popular misconception, metal roofs do not attract heat and act as gigantic heaters on top of homes during the hot months. With advanced pigments that can be added to metal roofing material, the heat from the sun is actually reflected away from the house. Compare metal roofs to asphalt shingle roofs that are thick and porous and absorb and retain large amounts of heat.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners with efficient metal roofs to realize a 20% drop in cooling costs during the hottest months of summer. This is a significant financial impact, especially if you live in Florida or another hot-weather state.

Minimal maintenance expenditures

Because of the well-documented strength and sturdiness of metal, it has the ability to hold up well in the most severe conditions from pounding hail and powerful winds to lightning strikes and summer after summer of searing heat. When other roofing materials start needing repairs, metal roofing keeps on performing.

Roof repair is not cheap, and the process can be disruptive and lengthy. Owners of metal roofs rarely think about roof repairs. Rather, they’re thinking about how to spend the money they’re saving on roof maintenance.

Increased home value

For many homebuyers, a handsome metal roof is a definite plus when they’re considering a home to buy. Depending on where you live, your for-sale home with a metal roof can get higher buyer offers than it would if it had an asphalt shingle or other less-durable roof.

Buyers like metal roofs for the same reasons homeowners do. A cooler living environment during the summer and significantly less expense on repairs and maintenance are high on the list of positives for most people. And there’s one other positive you don’t want to overlook.


  long life

No one enjoys having to install a new roof. It’s expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, a quality metal roof will last 40 or 50 or more years before it needs replacing.

Metal is simply a superior product for residential and commercial roofing. It’s light, easy to install and ultra-durable in all types of weather and environments. When it’s time to add a new roof to your home, consider the positive financial impact you’ll enjoy with a well-made metal roof.

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