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What To Expect From Metal Roofs During High Winds?

industrial metal roofing in lakeland flIf you live in an area where strong winds are part of the regular weather routine, you might be wondering if a metal roof is a better choice than other roofing styles.  The answer, in most cases, is yes.

Most metal roofs – whether for a home, an agricultural building, a storage facility or other structure – are fashioned from long metal sheets that cover the entire area between the ridgeline and the eaves.  Conversely, tile and shingle roofing is made up of many smaller pieces, giving wind lots of places to penetrate and tear up.

Some metal roofing styles are made with smaller pieces to present a “traditional” roofing look.  But if you want a roof that is hands-down superior in withstanding high, forceful winds, a metal panel system is your first choice.

What determines wind resistance in metal roofing?

For metal buildings, where the roof is part of the original construction, you want to make sure the structure was built to withstand common weather patterns in the geographic area where it is located.  This will affect how well the roofing holds up.  For example, different construction specs are recommended for a metal building in southern California, where wind is generally mild, than in Kansas, which sits in “Tornado Alley.”

For installed metal roofs, such as on homes and other residential buildings, the roof must be installed in accord with the manufacturer’s guidelines.  While metal roofs are known for having the highest strength-to-weight ratio among all other roofing products, how well it holds up will have everything to do with the quality of installation.

For this reason, it’s important to work only with licensed roofing contractors who are experienced in installing metal roofs.  In milder regions where wind and heavy storms aren’t an issue, installing a metal roof can be a DIY project.  But if weather is a concern, go with a pro.

In addition to using proper installation methods, a skilled installer also will make sure the correct materials are used.  If significant rain and snow are expected along with high winds, a standing seam hydrostatic system will prevent water from getting through the roof.  A water-shedding roof is usually appropriate in areas with less rain and snowfall.  For roofs near an ocean, salt-water-resistant roofing materials, fasteners and clips are recommended.

Maintaining a metal roof

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Metal roofs are very strong and will last for decades when properly maintained.  Key maintenance tasks include keeping the roof free of debris, which can cause deterioration, and repairing or replacing protective coatings if they are flaking.  It’s also important to inspect periodically for loose seams and fasteners.  Your metal roof contractor can give you more maintenance advice based on the specific style of roof you have installed.

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