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Does Being Near Saltwater Affect Metal Roofs?

Metal Roof in Ocean AreasAnyone who has looked into modern metal roofing materials surely has heard of the many advantages and benefits of this kind of roof. Metal roofs last 40 years or more, require minimal maintenance, reflect the heat of the sun away from the home and come in many shapes, styles and colors to add instant beauty and elegance to a property. But what a metal roof’s performance in areas with high ocean salt concentrations in the air?

Metal roofing materials are built from many different types and grades of metals. If you live in a region near an ocean, it will be important to choose a material for your roof that will block the corrosive effects of salt and stay looking good during its entire lifespan.

Different metals, different results

We’ll give you a few pointers here on choosing the right metal roof if you live in a “salty” area, but a professional metal roofing manufacturer or contractor can give you more specific advice after learning about your home’s location and exactly what you’re looking for in a metal roof.

Galvanized steel is a great metal roofing product that’s an excellent choice for many homes. But it’s not ideal in areas where salty air is present. Any reputable contractor would steer you away from this material if you live in proximity to ocean water.

Stainless steel, copper and aluminum are examples of outstanding corrosion-resistant metal roofing materials. For example, stainless steel metal roofing can be coated with zinc and tin alloys that will give you the highest level of resistance to corrosion and condensation. There are other coating compounds that also provide plenty of protection in salty-air conditions.

Another concern: high winds

In Florida, we expect strong winds every year, and every year we get them. Powerful winds can wreak havoc with most types of roofing materials including traditional asphalt shingles and clay tiles. Metal roofing, on the other hand, because of its fastening technology and overall strength, will withstand gale-force winds of 150 miles per hour and more.

Metal roofing contractors in many Florida communities must take both salt spray and strong winds into account when recommending the ideal new roof for their customers. Wind and salt are two of the most destructive elements in nature, but fortunately the advanced technology that goes into today’s metal roofing materials is ready to take on the worst weather out there.

Metal Roofing on a Beach HouseGreat metal roofing benefits

  • Lowered cooling bills: Because metal roofs reflect heat rather than absorb it, the home stays noticeably cooler in the summer with less use of the AC.
  • Virtually impervious to damage: Violent hailstorms, pounding rain, searing heat and other weather events are no match for modern metal roofing systems.
  • Many homes sell quicker with metal roofs: Buyers like the idea of not having to think of roof-replacement for decades.
  • No leaks: With a properly installed metal roof, you can say goodbye to leaks that result in damage and unwanted repair bills with less-sturdy roofing materials.

If you live in an area with salty air and want a roof that will hold up better than the rest, you need to look into the power of metal roofing. Advanced Aluminum of Lakeland, FL, builds top-grade metal roofing products used by leading contractors throughout our region. We’re happy to answer your questions and get you on the road to the best, longest-lasting roof you’ve ever had. Call us today at (863) 648-5787.