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Choosing the Right Color For Your Metal Roof

You’ve investigated the benefits of metal roofing and believe that a new metal roof will be your smartest move when you replace your current roof in a couple years. Congratulations on making a good decision. Now there’s another very important decision to make: what color will your new roof be?

When you install most other roofing materials, there are degrees of limitation where color is concerned. With metal roofs, the color choices are almost limitless. Let’s look at a few considerations when deciding on the color of your new metal roof.

Roof color and energy efficiency

Today’s metal roofing colors, from the lightest to the darkest, meet Energy Star standards for reflecting sunlight way from the roof. Still, you’ll get increased performance with lighter colors such as tan, gray and basic white than with heavy blues, greens and browns. Metal roofs are known to be great sun-reflectors, keeping your home cooler and helping to reduce utility bills. If you want the ultimate performance in this area, go with lighter colors.

Color coordination

In choosing a color for your metal roof, think about other accent colors in and around your home’s exterior. For the best blend, you’ll want a roof color that coordinates well with the colors of porches, trim work, brick facades, stone, railings and possibly even yard amenities such as gazebos, trellises and the like. So your initial task is matching the new roof to other colors on the property. Then down the line (because your metal roof is going to last for decades), you’ll be matching new house paint and amenities with the roof.

Size impression

As a general rule of thumb, light roof colors make a home appear larger, while darker colors seem to diminish its size. This may or may not matter to you, but if it does, keep it in mind when selecting your roof color.


Your new metal roof can be of a conservative color, or a color that will immediately draw attention. Bold colors – fiery reds, vivid blues, sunny yellows – will definitely make a statement. Give some thought to where you want your roof to fall on the “extravagant” scale.

The neighborhood

Do you have a homeowner’s association or rules within your subdivision that dictate what color schemes are allowable for your home and property? It’s a good to find this out before you start installing a new roof.

The quality metal roofAdvanced Aluminum Metal Roofing Polk County

No matter what color you choose for your metal roof, you’ll reap the benefits inherent in all metal roofing materials:

  • Long-lasting: A lifespan of 40 to 50 years is common with properly installed, top-quality metal roofs.
  • Highly resilient: Metal roofs stand up amazingly well in the harshest weather from gale-force winds and hail to pounding rains and searing heat.
  • Low-maintenance: Because of their strength, metal roofs aren’t prone to leaks and deterioration like most other roofing materials.
  • Heat-reduction: No matter the color, metal roofs are great at reflecting heat away from the home.
  • Increased home value: Metal roofs can return between 50% and 90% of your investment when you sell your house.

To learn more about today’s metal roofing, contact the experts, Advanced Aluminum of Lakeland, FL, at (863) 648-5787. We manufacture exceptional metal roofing products used by leading contractors throughout our region.