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7 Metal Roof “Problems” That Aren’t Problems

Any time a trend grows rapidly in popularity, it’s normal for a fair amount of misinformation to surround it. Metal roofs are a perfect example. Popularity is skyrocketing, but the facts about amazing roofing material aren’t well-enough known to keep myths from popping up. Well, we’d like to clear up seven mythical metal roof “problems” that aren’t problems at all.

“Problem” #1: Metal roofs are heat traps

Just the opposite is true. Modern metal roofing materials are built so they actually repel the heat from the sun rather than absorb it. Because of this, homeowners with metal roofs enjoy a reduction in their summer cooling bills of up to 40%, simply because less heat is radiating through the roof and into the home.

“Problem” 2: Metal roofs are too heavy for my home

It surprises a lot of people to learn that quality metal roofing weighs about half of what a standard asphalt shingle roof weighs and as much as two-thirds less than concrete tile, shake and slate roofs.

“Problem” #3: Metal roofs are loud

When professionally and properly installed, metal roofs are no louder than any other roof. The reason is the specialized underlayment that goes beneath the new roof. Modern synthetic underlayment is an excellent sound-dampener.

“Problem” #4: Metal roofs attract lightning

Actually, the highest objects in the area of a lightning storm attract lightning. Metal is not an attractor of lightning, although it is a conductor of electricity – which means, if lightning hits the roof, the brunt of the strike spreads throughout the roof rather than concentrating in a single spot and doing serious damage including starting a fire. Metal has a very high fire rating and will not ignite during a lightning storm.

“Problem” #5: Rust is an issue with any kind of metal

Not with today’s metal roofing and its galvanized coatings and advanced paint technology, which protect like baked-on enamel. Metal roofs come with warranties of up to 40 years against peeling, fading and chalking. If nothing can get down to the metal, no corrosion or rusting is going to happen.

“Problem” 6: You can’t stand on metal roofing

The ability to stand/walk on a roof without damaging it doesn’t depend on the roofing material but rather the framing beneath it. With a solid roofing deck professionally built, you can freely and safely walk on any flat sections of metal panels.

“Problem” #7: A metal roof will make my home look like a barn

This is a horrible misperception, because metal roofs are anything but unsightly. In fact, with the variety of colors and panel styles available, your new metal roof can be a definite fashion statement and the envy of your neighborhood. And it will maintain its good looks for decades.

If it’s nearing time to replace your existing roof, it might be smart to look into all the advantages and benefits of today’s ultra-strong, ultra-beautiful metal roofs. It won’t take you long to realize that with metal roofing, none of the things you once thought were “problems” actually are.

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