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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofs

metal roof fabrication tampa FLMetal roofs are becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners today. You may even have noticed more homes replacing traditional roofing materials with metal in your neighborhood.

If you are considering a metal roof replacement for your home, you probably have some questions. Here are the answers to the top five frequently asked questions homeowners have about metal roofs.

Will metal roofs last longer than standard asphalt and wood shingle roofs?

When considering a roof replacement, homeowners will be happy to know that metal roofs have a much longer lifespan than asphalt or wood shingles. When correctly installed by an experienced roofing contractor, homeowners can expect a metal roof to last up to 50 years or more. On the other hand, asphalt and wood shingle roofs have a lifespan of about 15-30 years. Also, metal roofs are far more superior to standing up to extreme weather conditions, including tornadoes and hurricanes.  Other roofing materials are more prone to weather-related damage from high winds and heavy rains and require more frequent repairs and replacement.

Are metal roofs expensive compared to other standard roofing materials?

While metal roofs have a higher acquisition cost than traditional roofing materials, it has a lower total cost of ownership due to its long life expectancy. You will likely replace an asphalt shingle roof twice before a metal roof needs replacement. There is also the cost of maintenance and repairs to consider. Metal roofs require minimal maintenance, and since it resists wind, rain, fire, and pests, it is less likely to need repairs compared to other materials. Also, new metal shingles may even increase the resale value of your house.

How well do metal roofs withstand harsh weather?

When metal roofs are correctly installed, they can withstand harsh weather conditions, including hail, snow, and rain, better than any other materials. Metal is naturally resistant to moisture, so it will not deteriorate during rain events, and depending on the material, it can withstand up to 180 MPH winds – equivalent to an F-3 tornado. It is also resistant to pests, including termites. Another essential feature is that UL-listed metal roofs are Class A fire-resistant and will not ignite when struck by lightning. For these reasons, homeowners living in regions prone to wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes are installing metal roofs.

Are metal roofs noisier than other roofing materials?

metal roof resistant to water in Miami FLMost people think that metal roofs are noisier, especially when it rains. This is true for metal roofs on buildings or barns with little or no insulation. However, for residential properties, noise on metal roofs is significantly reduced when correctly installed with quality materials and an insulated roof deck. For best results, only trust roofers with experience installing metal roofs in your community.

Do metal roofs reduce heating and cooling costs?

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that metal will make their homes feel warmer. However, that is not the case. Unlike asphalt shingles that absorb solar heat, metal roofs reflect solar energy making it an excellent insulator. With a metal roof, your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You can also save up to 40% on energy costs, according to the Metal Roofing Alliance.