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Roofing Panels

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Advanced Aluminum manufactures two styles of metal roofing certified for Residential and Commercial use.

One popular roofing style is our "Advantage" panel. 
The other is our "Permatile" panel. 
Both of these panels have met the strict Florida Product Approval requirements and have been lab tested to withstand 150 m.p.h. winds.


  • 36” width coverage with 3/4” high ribs on 9” centers
  • Available in 26 or 29 gauge steel for commercial, residential, and agricultural usage
  • Meets all Florida Building Code standards including HVHZ Zones
  • All orders custom cut to lengths from 4' to 40’
  • 40 year paint warranty on the Ceram-a-Star® 1050 paint system
  • Paint Sysytem is Energy Star efficient to keep energy bills low
  • Environmentally-friendly because it is 100 % recyclable
  • Available painted in a variety of colors or plain Galvalume 
  • Minimum slope of 2:12
  • Can be used over open structural framing or a solid substrate
  • Can be installed directly over existing asphalt shingles
  • Exposed fastener design
  • Standard (26 gauge) and custom trim available
  • Excellent for roofing and siding

Please let us know if you need assistance in figuring a cut list for your roof.  Advanced Aluminum can perform a computerized roof takeoff and quotation when provided roof layout drawings.  See "How to Measure" link below for measurement requirements.

        Click on the links below to view or print:

              AVAILABLE IN BOTH 26G AND 29G*

    Light Stone
     Barn Red
 Emerald Green
  Cocoa Brown
     Ash Gray
 Hawaiian Blue
    Sahara Tan
    Charcoal *
                        * NOTE: Charcoal available only in 29g  


  • Coverage width of 28" and lengths are custom cut to your specifications
  • Unique tile design has the classy look of tile and the strength of steel
  • Panels are available in several different colors to best suit your home
  • Meets all Florida Building Code standards including HVHZ Zones
  • 35 year warranty on the Akzo Nobel Trinar® Cool Color paint system
  • Paint system is Energy Star efficient to keep enrgy bills low
  • Considered a green roof since it is 100% recycleable


For complete details on this unique roofing line, Please visit

 Permatile website listed below for an indepth look.


                Advanced Aluminum/ Permatile Roofing
                                       2941 Parkway Street
                                        Lakeland, FL 33813
                                      Phone: 863-648-5787
                                        Fax: 863-648-4749
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